Energy for Tomorrow

Residential and small business customer enrollment

Company We Energies

Contact 800-242-9137

Billing The Energy for Tomorrow charge is on We Energies bills.

Billing calculation Each month's charges are based on electricity use and participation level:
25% participation kWh used x $0.00502 =
Energy for Tomorrow charge
50% participation kWh used x $0.01004 =
Energy for Tomorrow charge
100% participation kWh used x $0.02007 =
Energy for Tomorrow charge

Price changes Energy for Tomorrow price changes are subject to applicable state laws and regulatory policies of appropriate state public service commissions. Energy for Tomorrow price history.

Energy for Tomorrow sources

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Early termination fee None.

Minimum enrollment term None. Participants may sign up, change level of participation and withdraw from Energy for Tomorrow at any time.

Other fees None.

YES! Please enroll me in the Energy for Tomorrow® program.

Fill in all the boxes below. Energy for Tomorrow directly supports electricity production from renewable resources such as wind, water and organic materials by charging you a slightly higher price for your energy. Be sure to indicate the level at which you choose renewable energy for your home (25%, 50%, 100%). Your participation in Energy For Tomorrow will appear on your bill within one or two months.

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