Residential new construction service application
for electric and natural gas
(one to two living units)

homeThank you for your interest in electric and/or natural gas service from We Energies.

To request service, complete the form below. If you have questions, call 866-423-0364.

The following items are needed to complete an application:

  • Certified plat of survey (max file size 5mb)
    Note: If you do not have a certified plat of survey, complete site plan in Service Requirements section of application.
  • Equipment specifications from your builder/contractor
  • Builder/Contractor contact information
  • Desired location of your electric and/or natural gas meters

We also suggest reviewing the following prior to completing the application:


Required field=

Estimated date electric service required
If needed, estimated date temporary service required
Estimated date natural gas service required

Note: Service installation timelines depend on environmental impacts, construction requirements, easements, etc. Your service representative will contact you to discuss your application.

Address / fire number and street
Additional address / fire number and street
City / Town / Village
City Town Village

Taxing municipality
Subdivision name
Lot number
Block number
Square footage of home
Building type
Frame construction
Mobile/factory-built structure – estimated delivery date
Other (garage, outbuilding, etc.)

Current construction stage
Not started
Capped basement and backfilled
Fully enclosed

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(Name and mailing address required. If builder is owner, only complete Builder/Contractor info section.)

Homeowner information


Mailing address
Street address

Primary phone: 000-000-0000
Other phone: 000-000-0000
Preferred contact method
Phone Email
Social Security # 000-00-0000
Driver license #
Additional name on account
Social Security # 000-00-0000

Builder / Contractor information

Company name
Company phone: 000-000-0000
Contact name
Contact phone: 000-000-0000

Fax: 000-000-0000

Mailing address
Street address

Preferred contact method
Phone Email

Federal Tax ID

Responsible party information

(Select one for each statement.)

Who is responsible for the electric/natural gas installation charges?
Homeowner Builder/General contractor

Who is responsible for electric/natural gas energy costs during construction?
Homeowner Builder/General contractor

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Electric service

(Complete this section only if electricity will be provided by We Energies.)

100 amps
200 amps
320 amps
Other amps

Electric equipment
Central air conditioner tons
Geothermal system tons
Tankless water heater
Plug-in vehicle Level 1(120V)     Level 2 (240V)     Changing rate
Voltage: 120/240
1 phase
3 phase
Electrical contractor information
Company name
Company phone: 000-000-0000
Contact name
Contact phone: 000-000-0000

Fax: 000-000-0000

Natural gas service

(Complete this section only if natural gas will be provided by We Energies.)

Delivery pressure
Standard (7”wc)
Elevated (2 psig)

Natural gas equipment
Furnace/boiler Qty BTU/h
Dryer Qty BTU/h
Water heater Qty BTU/h
Range Qty BTU/h
Fireplace Qty BTU/h
Other (generator, pool, tankless water heater, grill, etc.) Qty BTU/h

Heating contractor information
Company name
Company phone: 000-000-0000
Contact name
Contact phone: 000-000-0000

Fax: 000-000-0000

Meter location

Mark the gas and electric meter location(s) on your certified plat of survey or site plan and attach below or mail to We Energies Central Group, P.O. Box 2046, Milwaukee, WI 53201 or fax to 262-574-6401 or 800-632-1460.
1. “G” for your preferred gas meter location.
2. “E” where your electrical contractor will install the electric meter socket.
3. The distance (in feet) from the nearest corner of the building to desired electric/natural gas meter locations.

Site plan – new service (PDF)

Attach a file

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Location of natural or buried obstacles and customer-owned facilities

It is the obligation of the property owner or authorized representatives to identify and mark any underground facilities. For any above or underground facilities or obstacles on your property, check the appropriate box(es) below and mark the approximate location on our plat of survey.
Outdoor lighting
Sewer lateral
Private electric
Underground tank/fuel lines
Steep hill
Sprinkler system
Drain tiles/downspouts
Customer-owned cable
Retaining wall
Sump pump discharge
Electric dog fence
Future building additions, concrete slabs, etc.

Note: Natural gas, electric, phone and cable television utilities will be located through the Diggers Hotline (WI) or Miss Dig (MI) process as part of construction procedure. We Energies, and/or its agents, is not responsible for damage to your facilities that are not properly marked with stakes, spray paint or flags before work begins. If you are unable to properly locate and mark your privately owned buried facilities, contractors will do it for a fee.

Surface restoration

After installation is complete, we will backfill with existing soil and mound the affected area. You have the option to request that we plant seed or sod at an additional cost. More information on surface restoration.

Environmental information for site

If any answers to the following questions are yes, we require a copy of your environmental permits, reports or sampling data before construction.

Are there wetlands, waterways or ground waters?
Yes     No     Unknown
Are there threatened or endangered species?
Yes     No     Unknown
Are there cultural or historical resources?
Yes     No     Unknown
Are you aware of any hazardous spills or materials?
Yes     No     Unknown

Note: If any of the above are discovered during construction, crew activity will stop, and we will notify you of subsequent action. This may result in delays in scheduled construction and/or additional costs.

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I certify that I own or am the authorized representative of the person(s) who owns the property indicated in this application. I certify the information provided is accurate, and I will promptly inform We Energies of any plan revisions. If installation requirements differ from what is submitted on this application, I understand these changes may result in delays and/or an increased cost to me.