Outdoor safety

Be aware of what is overhead or underground when working or playing in your yard or on your house. Take steps to ensure the safety of you, your family, your home and your utilities.

Tree trimming / removal

Your tree trimming or removal

Call us at 800-242-9137 for an inspection before removing a tree or any part of it that is closer than 10 feet to a power line.
Tree trimming safety

Our tree trimming or removal

We address situations that can interfere with electric service. If you are concerned about a tree contacting a power line, call 800-242-9137.
Our power line tree trimming program


Contacting an electrical line can injure you and cause power outages. Hitting a natural gas pipe can create a fire or explosion. Call the local utility locator service at 811 three days before digging to mark the location of buried lines. It’s free.
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Trees growing too close to power lines can cause sparks, fires, power outages and shock hazards. Plants and other landscaping features can interfere with utility equipment and cause safety risks.
Tree planting tips and requirements
Landscaping tips and requirement
Wood chips

Power lines

Power lines can be dangerous. Stay safe.