Residential rewire project

  • Residential rewire project
  • rewire project photo 1
    Site before construction, showing utility pole to the residential meter socket. Overhead conductors go from pole to service mast on the house. Project will change service from overhead to underground.
  • rewire project photo 2
    Crew uses walk-behind trencher. This type of equipment may be used when soil conditions (high soil-to-rock ratio) allow or when construction area is limited. Heavier equipment is needed for rocky areas.
  • rewire project photo 3
    While one crew member works the walk-behind trencher, another hand digs near meter pedestal (Conductors come into pedestal from bottom). Customer hires a qualified electrician to install pedestal at desired location. The electrician also installs ground rods and grounding wires. Hand-digging limits potential damage to ground rods and grounding wires.
  • rewire project photo 4
    Walk-behind trencher creates path from utility pole to meter pedestal. Narrow trench is about 28 inches deep and limits yard and grass damage.
  • rewire project photo 5
    Next, the trencher moves to the meter pedestal base, which was exposed by hand digging, completing the trench.
  • rewire project photo 6
    Conductors placed in trench at utility pole base. Excess conductors, which will eventually rise up along side of pole are coiled up and placed to the side until ground-level work is done.
  • rewire project photo 7
    Crew fills trench, using soil from excavation.
  • rewire project photo 8
    Typically, not all the soil fits into the excavation. Soil is mounded over the excavation, which allows it to settle into the trench, reducing repair required when area is restored.
  • rewire project photo 9
    View of back-filled trench, showing the mound over the excavation and how the site is left after construction remediation. Over time, mounding settles back into trench. Any rocks from excavation are left on site. The customer is responsible for the rocks unless we are paid to perform final surface restoration with topsoil and seed or sod.
  • rewire project photo 10
    View of back-filled trench near the meter pedestal, showing construction site restoration.
  • rewire project photo 11
    Underground work complete with construction site restoration and overhead conductors removed.
rewire project photo 1