Residential new electric and natural gas service installation

  This meter location is considered a long-side installation for natural gas service, where distribution main is located on other side of road. A short-side service installation would be on same side of road.

  Backhoe exposing natural gas main (note locate markers).

  Hand-digging near natural gas main to avoid damage and removing dirt around the natural gas main to prepare for the tie-in to service lateral.

  Boring device runs natural gas service lateral under road, avoiding open cut through road.

  Feeding new natural gas line into trench as boring device continues to other side of street.

Boring device arrives in receiving pit.

Backhoe trenching for natural gas and electric service installation, starting at house and working toward road.

Electric service trenching, which joins up with natural gas trench.

Hand digging near electric transformer to limit damage and allow new service conductor installation from beneath.

Laying out service conductors.

Connecting electric conductors to base of meter pedestal.

Natural gas service lateral tie-in to natural gas main.

This was a two-day project, site is made safe after day one by placing planking over excavation area in yard on long-side bore pit.

Trench is backfilled.

Backfilled long-side bore pit site after primary site restoration, showing erosion control silt fencing to keep soil from migrating from site.

Crews leave site in better condition than when they started, installing additional silt-fencing to keep soil from migrating from site.

Site after work is done. Flags show service lateral location.