The Johnson Foundation


33 E. Four Mile Rd.

Operational date

July 2007


16.32-kilowatt ground-mounted solar electric (photovoltaic) array

Total project cost



$48,413 We Energies
$35,000 Focus on Energy

Estimated annual savings achieved



The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread is dedicated to serving as a catalyst for innovative public and private solutions in two spheres – one global and one regional – that reflect the Johnson family’s longstanding passions: healthy environments and healthy local communities.

The Foundation supports conferences on sustainable development and the environment. The Foundation and its parent company, S.C. Johnson, support reducing carbon dioxide emissions and reversing global warming. The Foundation believes that the renewable energy project shows its commitment to its mission.

The 16.32-kW ground-mounted array makes it easier to clean the panels of both snow and grime. This helps keep energy production at its optimum level and prolongs the system's life.

The Johnson Foundation
The Johnson Foundation's 16.32-kW solar array.