Terms and conditions

Once you enroll, we install a new Time-of-Use meter (if needed) at your home to record your electricity usage by on-peak and off-peak periods.

You receive an annual comparison that estimates what you could save in the next year on Time-of-Use. Based on your current energy use patterns, the comparison shows the difference between Time-of-Use pricing and standard pricing.

You can ask to be removed from this plan at any time. Your account is then returned to the standard residential price. You may not return to the Time-of-Use for one year.

Your weekday time period can be changed once every 12 months. If less than 38 percent of your electricity use occurs during on-peak hours when use is highest, you save money with Time-of-Use. Appliances that consume the same amount of electricity day or night cost slightly less on Time-of-Use because 35 percent of the hours in a week are on-peak.