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Check Your Air Conditioner’s Disconnect BoxCheck Your Air Conditioner’s Disconnect Box
A separate disconnect box for the air conditioner is required by electric code. It is generally a metal box located on the outside of the house near the air conditioner compressor. Don’t confuse your disconnect box with the EPD which is plastic and has lights on the front.

These disconnect boxes may be equipped with switch type breakers, cartridge fuses or a pullout type of disconnect which may need to be reset or replaced. Warning: These devices contain high voltage and can be dangerous. If you’re unsure about resetting breakers or replacing fuses yourself, contact an electrician or an air conditioning contractor.

  • If the air conditioner disconnect has a switch type circuit breaker, it can be reset by turning it to the off position first and then turned on.
  • If the air conditioner disconnect has cartridge type fuses, it will not be possible to tell if these fuses are good or bad by looking at them. The fuses should be replaced with new ones of the same amperage rating.
  • If the air conditioner disconnect has pullouts instead of fuses, check if the pullout is firmly pushed in.

Resetting a breaker or replacing a fuse can cause such a power interruption. With units attached to Energy Partners devices, it is normal for your central air conditioner to remain off for 2 to 5 minutes after the power has been restored. (This is done to prevent surges on our system.) During this time period, the red light(s) on the right side of the clear plastic window will remain on for up to 5 minutes. Your air conditioner contractor should be aware of this before working on your central air conditioner.
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