Reading your budget bill

You can determine how the budget bill amount compares to your actual usage by checking the Actual Balance Information section on your bill. If your Budget Settlement Balance has a “CR” listed after it, this means your energy usage is less than your charges. If your balance does not have a “CR” listed after it, your usage is more than your charges.

Budget Bill example with 5 callouts

View back of bill

  1. Budget Month: Identifies where you are in your 12-month Budget Bill cycle.
  2. Current Budget Charges: Shows how much your Budget Billing charges are for the current month.
  3. Current Charges: Shows your actual energy charges for the current month.
  4. Budget Settlement Balance: Shows the difference between your Actual Charges (what you would pay if you were not on the Budget Billing program) and the amount billed on your Budget Billing plan, including your most recent bill.
  5. New Actual Balance: Displays the amount you would pay if you removed yourself from the Budget Billing plan.