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A sampling of some of the stories shared by our customers about our cookie books. Some stories have been edited for grammar, style and brevity.

I was first introduced to the Cookie Book as a young Brownie. Our troop took a field trip to the Wisconsin Electric kitchen in Kenosha, and we prepared an entire meal from a Wisconsin Electric cookbook with our moms. It was a special tour I will always remember. My mother and I looked forward to receiving each new issue of the Cookie Book from that time on and were so happy to have it return after a time out of print. I still prepare Potato-Topped Meat Pie for my own family today and fondly remember the We Energies test kitchen experience every time. What a wonderful way to introduce young girls to the joy of cooking!
Darlene, Kenosha

The Cookie Book was always a big holiday tradition in my family. When I was a very young girl, I remember my grandma and mom getting their books and looking at all the recipes to see what they would try. Now I am 67 and my mom is 87, and every Christmas there are old recipes for cookies that she bakes every year. They are a tradition passed down to my sister and myself and our kids, too! Every year, there are two big discussions come Nov. 1: what we will do for Thanksgiving dinner and when does the cooky book come out! Of course, now we are ahead of everyone because we get the book online. Thanks for being part of our family for 60 + years!!
Barbara, New Berlin

The Cookie Book was a tradition in my household. My father worked for We Energies for 30 some years and he brought one home every year. My mom kept them until several years ago when she quit baking and divided the books amongst my sisters and me. Come Christmas time, we still pull those books out — although worn and greased stained — to find our favorite cookie recipes — sugar cookie, pecan finger, almond crescent, etc. Can't wait to get the new book.
Allison, Brookfield

My dad worked for WEPCO/We Energies from the early 50s until he retired in 1987. My parents would take my sister and me to get a cookie book every year when we were young. Fortunately, I have saved every one and enjoy the collection I've acquired. Needless to say, I have been trying to continue getting one each year.

I have always used and enjoyed your wonderful cookie books. Ever since I got married in the 60s, I have faithfully used and loved the recipe book. I have used these books for 50 years. All of my family and friends love every cookie that I have made. Thank you ever so much. You have made everyone happy during the Holidays.

When my daughters and I get together to bake at Christmas, we love to pull out all the old books, read the recipes and all mom's comments about adjusting oven temperatures, which recipes were her favorites, which were the best chilled, etc. Now in their 20s, my daughters love to look at the old pictures and read some of the ingredients, particularly in the really old ones that are now tattered from over use. I cherish each book and the memories of baking with my mom. I love to bake cookies all year long, but Christmas time holds special memories, those of Christmas past and the new ones I am creating with my daughters and granddaughter.
Doreen, Milwaukee

I have such fond memories of baking Christmas cookies with my mother as a child. Often the recipe book of choice was the Cookie Book. When I was 15, my mom began giving me my own copy of the annual book. I'm now nearing 50 and still have every book I was given and still use the books often and not just at Christmas. I will cherish those memories and the books forever. Thank you for helping to build memories that will last a life time.
LeeAnn, Jackson

My earliest cookie book is from 1950. My mom worked downtown at the Louis Esser Company, a fine jewelry store on Wisconsin Avenue. The downtown electric company had cookies displayed in their windows and my mom would take the free cookie book that was handed out, mark the ones she thought looked good and started baking cookies from it. We baked on the second Sunday in December. Each year we'd try another kind. Some of our favorites were Oatmeal Date Squares, Brazil Nut Shortbreads and Pecan Fingers. The pages in the cookbooks I have are filled with spots of spilled items. The pages with the most spots were, of course, used the most. I have a total of 12 now, including the one from this year. I live in Watertown and missed the day they were given away here, but my granddaughter gave me hers. I also have a few Festive Foods books. I have many happy memories of my life as a child in Milwaukee, baking cookies with my mom.
Joanne, Watertown

I am now 61 and was always a tomboy except when it came to Christmas cookies. This my mom and I did and bonded with the electric company's cookie book. We tried them all and laughed when we failed. We lost all of our books in a housefire, but the memories are there. I love all the butter and spritz. My mom loved ladyfingers and cutouts. We had to hide them from the boys — now from their kids. Last year, mom ate three batches before Christmas, and I burned out my cookie gun. How much fun it was. Now, no new cookie books, but the family favorites are still there. HO, HO, HO and off to the kitchens we go! Merry Christmas to you all!

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