Community safety event sponsorship

To create greater awareness of electricity and natural gas safety, we offer a limited number of sponsorships to communities holding safety events within our service territory.

Sponsorship includes

  • $500 for event safety activities/materials
  • 200 – We Energies Safety Guide brochures
  • 200 – Glow-in-the-dark emergency contact magnets
  • 400 – Play It Safe coloring sheets


  • Community must be within We Energies electric or natural gas service area.
  • Safety must be a prominent event theme.
  • Event organizers must have a predetermined location or method of distributing We Energies safety materials. (Example: Goodie bag at entrance, local fire department booth, etc.)

To apply

Complete and submit application below by end of April. Applications will be reviewed and sponsorships awarded based on eligibility and available funds.

Community safety event application

Required fields

Name of community safety event
Event location
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Expected attendance
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Contact information
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Federal tax ID#

Event description
How is safety incorporated into your event?
How will you use the $500 grant?
How will We Energies materials be distributed?
We Energies Local Affairs representative

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