Montfort Wind Energy Center

Montfort Wind Energy Center


Montfort Wind Energy Center is located in the town of Eden in Iowa County.

Type of plant

Wind turbine


20 turbines

Year in service


Net generating capacity

1.5 megawatts each – 30 megawatts total

Turbine manufacturer

General Electric

Turbine design

The GE 1.5 is an upwind turbine with active yaw and a three-blade rotor.

Total weight

Tower and turbine: 215 tons

Rotor design

Three blades constructed of fiberglass-reinforced epoxy that each consist of two airfoil shells bonded to a supporting beam.

Rotor diameter

70.5 meters (231 feet)

Rotor speed

Variable, 11-20 rpm


Rotary current asynchronous with slip rings

Generator nominal voltage

575 volts

Integrated lightning protection

Protection system includes lightning receptors and conductors in the rotor blades, lightning arrestors, earth grounding and shielding.

Control system

A microprocessor controls all turbine functions

Tower dimensions

Hub height: 213 feet
Weight: 95 tons
Base diameter: 14 feet

Cut-in wind speed

6-7 mph

Cut-out wind speed

56 mph

Updated: February 2013