Gas technicians

Our gas technicians keep the natural gas flowing safely and reliably to customers throughout our service area. Learn more about our company and our opportunities:

Position descriptions

Utility worker

  • Inspects and repairs appliances and heating systems. Installs, maintains and reads meters. Turns gas on/off.
  • Investigates all gas leaks.
  • Repairs gas leaks.
  • Performs leak surveys.
  • Maintains vehicles and equipment.
  • Inspects the work of contractors.
  • Assembles and installs large-volume meter sets.
  • Investigates high bill complaints.
  • Assists with construction and repair work.
  • Operates construction equipment.
  • Locates mains and services.
  • Maintains company buildings and grounds.
  • Assists with Gate/Regulator and Valve maintenance and repair.
  • May be required to perform welding duties once qualified.

Education and experience requirements


Licenses and certifications

Applicant must have a valid driver's license and meet company driving requirements. Applicant must obtain a valid Wisconsin Commercial Driver's License (CDL) within six months of employment.


  • Performs all pipefitting work on structures, installations, appliances and accessories.
  • Performs operations necessary to lay out, measure, remove or repair all piping and/or equipment that is related to the installation of meters.
  • Performs similar work on other pipes and products.
  • Performs duties including periodic inspection of meter installations up to and including 11,000 CFH meter capacities; obtaining measurements for installations; and installing pressure or temperature recording and indicating instruments.
  • Performs turn-ons and turn-offs for installations up to and including 11,000 CFH meter capacities.
  • Operates special duty trucks and equipment for the purpose of loading, unloading and transporting materials and equipment.
  • Works on regulators up to and including two-inch size.
  • Operates all hand-operated equipment and tools necessary for the installation of gas lines on customer house piping.
  • Works on multiple meter banks.
  • Acts as fire extinguisher operator for Construction Repair Technician, making a service tie-in or changing a riser stop where the Fitter will remain to complete the required fitting work.
  • Investigates and locates all gas leaks using leak detection equipment including the 3-point check method (building wall, lot line and stopbox).
  • Repairs all leaks on customer house piping as necessary.
  • Assists other service personnel as assigned.
  • Performs all duties in a safe and skilled manner.
  • Drives company vehicles used in conjunction with assigned work.
  • Inputs all data and completes all reports of activities as directed.


Must be able to read construction drawing and work from drawings, sketches and written or oral instructions. Must be able to do shop arithmetic. Must be physically able to perform the essential job functions. Must have a valid Wisconsin driver’s license with an acceptable driving record and be in pursuit of a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), which must be obtained within six months. The applicant must comply with Department of Transportation CDL and Part 199 pipeline drug and alcohol testing requirements.

Technical degree programs

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