We Energies Foundation Matching Gifts Program

The We Energies Foundation Matching Gifts Program presents an opportunity for eligible individuals to join with the company to provide financial support to local arts and cultural organizations in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and educational institutions throughout the country.

The foundation matches gifts to recipient organizations with a cash payment of equal value within the provisions described below. Although gifts may be specified for particular purposes, foundation matching gifts are unrestricted.

Eligible individuals

  • Active employees of We Energies are eligible to participate. Retired employees of We Energies who retired prior to Jan. 1, 2006, are eligible to participate indefinitely; those retiring on or after Jan. 1, 2006, may participate for one year only, following the date of their retirement. Eligibility guidelines and contribution amounts are the same for active and retired employees.

Eligible organizations and institutions

  • Nonprofit arts and cultural organizations located in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that are recognized by the IRS as 501(c)(3) tax-exempt institutions. Arts and cultural organizations are broadly defined to include: arts councils; art education; dance companies; symphonies and opera companies; theaters and theater companies; art centers; libraries; historical societies; museums of art, history and science; planetariums; public radio and television; historic preservation organizations; and zoos.
  • Education (including accredited K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions in the U.S.) This includes educational funds and foundations, scholarship funds, and tuition assistance programs associated with accredited educational institutions described above.

Eligible gifts

  • Personal contributions in the name of the employee between $50 and $20,000 total for arts/culture organizations and for educational institutions per individual per calendar year will be matched.
  • Gifts of cash or marketable securities must be paid, not merely pledged. Securities must have quoted market value.
  • Memberships in cultural organizations (such as public television) are eligible when they are tax deductible and function primarily as contributions. The foundation’s gift should not be used to enhance the status of the individual donor.
  • Eligible employees/retirees must submit their match request and receipt within one year from the date of the gift.

Ineligible gifts

  • Gifts to arts and cultural organizations located and/or operating outside of Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
  • Personal memberships or ticket purchases of any kind (except as noted under Eligible Gifts).
  • Gifts or payments to for-profit or commercial organizations.
  • Amounts payable or paid as subscription fees for publications.
  • Benefit auction purchases, including overbids; cash spent at charity auctions.
  • Contributions of services, materials and works of art.
  • Dues/gifts to alumni groups unless such gifts are distributed to an affiliated educational institution in their entirety.
  • Gifts fixed by a school as a condition for student enrollment, payments for tuition, books or other student fees.
  • Gifts for the benefit of an individual student.
  • Gifts for nonscholastic programs such as athletics, athletic scholarships, booster clubs or stadium construction.
  • Gifts affording the donor special privileges or benefits such as preferred seating at events, athletic facility use or special parking privileges.
  • Gifts intended as tithes or other church-related financial commitment.
  • Gifts to United Way and other combined appeals.

Administrative conditions

We reserve the right to suspend, change, revoke or terminate this program at any time, and to determine eligibility of the donor and the recipient organization. No obligation is imposed upon or accepted by We Energies by reason of the Matching Gifts Program. The interpretation, application and administration shall be determined by We Energies and its decisions will be final. Intentional abuses of the program may result in future disqualification of the donor and/or the recipients.


Contact the matching gifts administrator at 414-221-4657 or email with questions.