Education focus area

People of all ages should have access to educational opportunities, positioning them to become self-sufficient, contributing members of the workforce. That’s why our foundation supports the development of educational systems that educate and empower the students of today to embrace opportunity and achieve future success.

Marquette University

Marquette University is focused on contributing to the advancement of knowledge. To help the university grow, some of our foundation’s funding to Marquette has supported the construction of the Discovery Learning Complex in the College of Engineering. This project not only contributes to university growth but also community growth. This project is expected to retain hundreds of jobs in Wisconsin and prepare future generations to be leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Since 1959, our foundation has awarded children of active and retired employees with scholarships to pursue higher education at Marquette University and other accredited schools. This long-standing tradition aligns with our goal to help support initiatives to foster a diverse, promotable work force. Competition for scholarship funds is great and those who ultimately win have earned it based on outstanding academic achievement, school and community participation, honors, work experience and the individual’s clear articulation of educational and career goals. Also, the We Energies Foundation Urban Scholars Fund is a need-based scholarship award for students who are graduates of a Milwaukee-area high school and are first-generation college students.

UWM Research Foundation

Supporting research and innovation at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, the UWM Research Foundation provides funding for scholarships and grants, and engages in corporate partnering activities that align with University goals. Our foundation contributed the first $1 million to the UWM Research Foundation’s fundraising campaign to support research that will drive future economic success of southeast Wisconsin.

Milwaukee School of Engineering

Renowned nationally for a stellar college-level engineering program, Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) fosters a high standard of academic programming, research, personalized service, instruction and guidance. To make the opportunity of this type of education possible for a greater number of individuals, MSOE offers a variety of scholarship opportunities. The college depends on the community, businesses and individuals to provide the necessary funding for these scholarships. As a member of the business community, our foundation has supported MSOE by funding an annual scholarship. Through this opportunity, students meet donors, establish professional connections, and help finance their education. In some instances, funding exceeds sponsorship and leads to opportunities for internships, part-time employment and employment upon graduation.

Partners Advancing Value in Education

Since 1992, Partners Advancing Value in Education has made quality educational opportunities possible for families in Milwaukee. With our foundation’s support, children from Milwaukee’s low-income families have had the opportunity to benefit from a college preparatory education. Our foundation giving has supported St. Joan Antida High School, focused on preparing young women to lead and serve in a global society; St. Marcus Lutheran School, renowned for its intense and traditional academic program; and Messmer High School, focused on preparing graduates to excel in college, succeed in the work force, and become productive citizens.