About We Energies Foundation

Since 1982, the We Energies Foundation has contributed financial support for the activities of nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations in communities that are served by our company. The foundation is funded by stockholders of WEC Energy Group, our parent company.


Our mission is to create brighter futures for the communities in which we do business, enhancing the growth and success of our company.


The foundation strives to achieve positive community benefit and business value for each dollar invested.


  • To pursue a sustained, consistent approach to funding within our focus areas, better enabling the organizations to achieve lasting results
  • To foster mutually beneficial relationships between We Energies and community organizations
  • To fully leverage company resources


The We Energies Foundation, established in November 1982 as a separate, nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation, has invested more than $164 million in communities in Wisconsin and Michigan over the past 30-plus years.

Funding for initiatives supported by the We Energies Foundation is derived from the stockholder portion of earnings and dividends paid by WEC Energy Group. Grants do not affect the profitability of WEC Energy Group nor are they reflected in the prices customers pay for services from We Energies.

In 2017, the foundation issued 788 grants.

In 2017, the employee matching gift program directed more than $1.4 million to nonprofit arts/cultural organizations and educational institutions.

2017 allocation of charitable dollars

  • Economic Health (including United Way): 36%
  • Arts/Culture: 30%
  • Environment: 3%
  • Education: 31%