Electric service and metering manual, book 1

Metering – Secondary (PDF 901k) (all sections)


General Requirements for Metering (PDF 15k)

M-2 & 3 (PDF 15k)

Meter Socket Mounting (PDF 26k)

M-4 (PDF 26k)

Guards for Outdoor Installations (PDF 35k)

M-5 (PDF 35k)




Metering Installations For Secondary Services:
Meter Socket with Overhead Service Entrance (PDF 197k) (entire section)



M-6 (PDF 44k)


M-7 (PDF 42k)
M-8 (PDF 41k)


M-8 (PDF 41k)
M-9 (PDF 40k)


M-10 (PDF 51k)



Meter Socket for Customer Owned Street Lighting:



M-11 (PDF 38k)



Meter Pedestal with Underground Service Lateral (PDF 178k) (entire section)



M-12 (PDF 40k)


M-13 (PDF 34k)
M-14 (PDF 46k)
M-15 (PDF 46k)


M-15 (PDF 46k)


M-16 (PDF 33k)



Meter Socket with Underground Service Lateral (PDF 141k) (entire section)



M-17 (PDF 46k)
M-18 (PDF 56k)


M-18 (PDF 56k)


M-19 (PDF 50k)



Transocket with Overhead Service Entrance:



M-20 (PDF 95k)



Transocket with Underground Service Lateral:



M-21 (PDF 62k)


M-21 (PDF 62k)



Outdoor Current Transformer Metering (Transocket) with Customer Disconnect



M-22 (PDF 97k)



Meter Stack Socket Breaker Installation:



M-23 (PDF 60k)



Current Transformer Metering in Free Standing Switchgear (Indoor):



M-24 & 25 (PDF 64k)



Modular Metering (Indoor):



M-26 (PDF 35k)