Property management

Use the links below to access forms and information to help manage energy service at your properties.

Tenant changes

Tenants can make start or stop service requests online or by calling us at 800-242-9137. To protect the privacy and security of our customers, only a primary account owner can start or stop service. Landlords and property managers cannot request these services for tenants or clients.

Owner agreements

Tell us how to handle service between tenant occupancies.


Wisconsin: OnlinePrint
Michigan: OnlinePrint


Wisconsin: OnlinePrint
Michigan: OnlinePrint

Third-party notification/authorization form

Management change

Property management firms should notify us of new contracts for properties where you have bill payment responsibility.

Notify us by completing the property management change form below. Also, email a copy of your property management contract or a letter from the property owner, which identifies the manager.

Email contract or letter to:

Property management change form

Building purchase/sale

Notify us about purchase/sale of residential building.

Conditions of service

Billing responsibility rules for renters
Disconnection rules
Resolving disputes