Sales tax exemptions – Michigan

You may be eligible for an exemption from sales tax on your energy bills. This exemption would apply if you are a:

  • 501(c)(3) organization (religious, charitable, scientific or education organization)
  • Customer involved in agricultural production
  • Manufacturer purchasing and consuming fuel and/or electricity in industrial processing

To apply for exempt status, the State of Michigan requires that you complete a Certificate of Exemption. The effective date of the sales tax exemption is the date the form is signed.

You also may be eligible for a credit of sales tax charged and paid on energy bills prior to the date of the Certificate of Exemption request. To apply for a credit on past bills, the State of Michigan requires us to request a refund on your behalf. Complete the Certificate of Previous Purchases and mail to:

We Energies
Tax Department – P377
231 W.Michigan St.
Milwaukee WI 53203

Fax: 414-221-2993

We cannot determine your taxable status. Consult a tax adviser if you have questions about exemptions. You can also visit Michigan Department of Treasury to learn more.

Fill out a separate form for each We Energies account that qualifies for exemption.