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Residential fuel comparisons

Typical annual costs of home appliances

Average cost comparison based on: $0.852 per therm of natural gas and does not include an approximate $.31 facilities charge per day, $1.88 per gallon of LP, $3.02 per gallon #2 fuel oil and $.1251 per KWH of electricity.

typical annual costs of home appliances
Depending on your current fuel source, you may have service and storage fees for other fuels or fuel providers.

Lifetime fuel comparison of heating equipment

Fuel type

Annual fuel costs

Average life

Lifetime fuel costs

Lifetime fuel
cost difference

Natural Gas


x  20 years

=   $ 9,895.96


#2 Oil


x  20 years

=  $25,022.86




x  20 years

=  $23,807.86




x  20 years

=  $42,518.61


Source: Wisconsin State Energy Office and We Energies

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