Milwaukee County Zoo


10001 W. Blue Mound Rd.
Milwaukee, Wis.

Operational date

June 2010


1.15-kilowatt solar flair

Production Data

Go to Milwaukee County Zoo's solar flair real-time data


We Energies donated the solar flair, which looks like a flower on a stick. Located between the polar bear and seal exhibit and Lakeview Café, the solar array produces about 1,400 kWh/year — enough to power an average home for about 6 weeks. The solar flair replaces an 800-watt (0.800 kW) array, which Wisconsin Electric donated to the Zoo in 1999. Solar technology changed so much in recent years that the decision was made to replace that system with the new one that allows real-time production monitoring. The array's production is displayed on a flat screen monitor on the wall of the Lakeview Café and at the link above.

Mequon Nature Preserve The zoo’s 1.15-kilowatt solar flair.