Glacier Hills Wind Park

Glacier Hills Wind Park map

The Glacier Hills Wind Park, located in the towns of Randolph and Scott in Columbia County, began operation in 2011 and is designed to generate 162 megawatts (MW) of electricity — capable of powering approximately 45,000 average residential homes. The site consists of 90 wind turbines.

Turbine equipment

We purchased 90 wind turbines from Vestas Wind Systems. Each Vestas V90 turbine is capable of producing 1.8 MW of electricity.



Electric capacity


Hub height

262 ft

Blade length

148 ft

Tip height

410 ft

Operational RPMs

14.5 rpms

Cut in wind speed (mph)

9 mph

Rated wind speed (mph)

29 mph

Cut out wind speed (mph)

56 mph

Weight of rotor (tons)

38 tons

Weight of nacelle w/o rotor (tons)

71 tons

Weight of tower (tons)

138 tons