Rothschild Biomass Cogeneration Plant

Our biomass-fueled cogeneration power plant at Domtar Corporation's Rothschild, Wis., paper mill site began commercial operation Nov. 8, 2013.

Key facts

Cost: $255 million
Capacity: 50 megawatts
Fuel: Biomass - wood, waste wood and sawdust
Location: Domtar Corporation’s paper mill in Rothschild, Wis.


Jobs: The project created 400+ construction jobs over the 2.5-year building process and approximately 150 permanent jobs in fields supporting the operation of the biomass plant (forest management, logging, transportation). The project enables Domtar to be better positioned in the competitive global market. Domtar's Rothschild pulp and paper mill and the associated Lignotech chemical facility directly employs 460 men and women at family supporting wages. Roughly 800 external jobs rely on the economic impact of the mill.

Air quality: With the combination of the biomass plant’s state-of-th-art air quality technology and the retirement of Domtar’s existing boilers, the new plant is expected to reduce the overall emissions from the mill site by approximately 30 percent. Air quality modeling information for specific locations in the Rothschild area:
Graph of current vs. future air quality impact by location (PDF)
Description and table of air quality impact by location (PDF)

Shared revenue: The Village of Rothschild and Marathon County each receive an annual payment based on the megawatt capacity of the plant. The Village will receive about $146,650 per year and Marathon County $113,350.

Efficiency: Combined heat and power cogeneration is a more efficient use of biomass fuel than producing steam and electricity separately. The new plant uses the Domtar paper mill property and shares the mill’s infrastructure and resources.

Healthy forests: Use of biomass material for energy generation promotes active management for sustaining forest growth and decreasing disease, infestation and fire risks.

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