Seasonal installation information

For your convenience, we offer year-round service installation. Installation prices are based on normal construction conditions. Additional charges for electric and/or natural gas installations apply from Dec. 1 through March 31.

Why seasonal charges?

Weather conditions

  • Colder temperatures, as well as snow, rain, sleet and brisk wind chills, make schedules less predictable.

Site conditions

  • Mud, ice and frost make it harder to move equipment around.

Working conditions

  • Shorter daylight hours, less time for crews to work.
  • Additional wear and tear on equipment and vehicles.

To avoid these charges, we offer two installation options:

Option 1: The completed and signed Ready for Service card(s) for electric and/or natural gas service needs to be submitted to We Energies on or before Nov. 30. By submitting the card, you are verifying that all service requirements listed on the reverse side of this brochure have been met.
Option 2: Request your electric and/or natural gas facilities to be scheduled for installation during the weeks following March 31.

To keep you on schedule

It is very important to have your site ready when we arrive to install your service. Your site is ready for electric and/or natural gas service after you complete all of the following:

Electric and natural gas ready for service requirements

  • Locate, mark or expose any buried obstructions or underground facilities — such as a well or underground yard lighting — with stakes, spray paint or flags.
  • Clear a minimum 10-foot-wide path along the service route from the property line to the meter location. Please make sure things like dirt piles and construction materials are not in the way.
  • Have the ground around your home and along the service route within four inches of final grade.
  • We Energies must receive your:
    • Signed sketch (if applicable)
    • Payment (if applicable)

Additional natural gas only Ready for Service requirement

  • Make sure first floor wall is in place and framed at meter location.

Additional electric only Ready for Service requirement

  • Received electric inspection certification from the municipality.

Final Ready for Service installation requirements

  • Please fill out and return your electric and/or natural gas Ready for Service card(s) to We Energies.

After we receive your Ready for Service card(s) and all other requirements are met (permits, easements etc.), we will schedule the installation. If applying for both electric and natural gas service, your installations may be scheduled separately.

In early spring, weather conditions, road weight restrictions and a work backlog may create installation delays.

For more information

  • Contact your We Energies representative
  • Call 800-242-9137