Dollars for Power SM


We Energies pays customers for voluntarily reducing their electric load when the wholesale spot market spikes to very high levels. Historically, we “buy-back” electric load only a few times each summer. The program is most beneficial when electricity represents a large portion of your production costs.

How it works

Program enrollment is voluntary, and there are no penalties for nonparticipation. Minimum enrollment is 50 kilowatts (kW).

You sign a contract that establishes the bid price and we provide existing load data to help you determine load reduction needed for activation periods. Compensation is based on a pre-established market-based premium of 40 cents, 80 cents or $1.25. We set the start and end time of each activation period. You will be notified by pager when we want to buy back power at the bid price and can participate for all or only part of the period.


If you enroll 500 kW at a bid price of $0.80/kWh and participate for 8 hours during a billing period, your bill credit will be: 500 kW x $0.80/kWh x 8 hours = $3,200.


The program is open to the following customer categories:

  • General Primary Time-of-Use
  • General Secondary Demand/Time-of-Use
  • General Primary Curtailable
  • General Primary Experimental Energy Cooperative
  • General Secondary-Experimental Energy Cooperative

Customers enrolled in other load management programs may not be eligible.

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