Electric tariffs for customers in Michigan

Electric Rates - Michigan

Section A

Title Page - (A1.00)
Index - (A2.00-6.00)
Table of Contents - Checklist - (A7.00-9.01)
Territory Served - (A10.00-11.00)
Technical Terms and Abbreviations - (A12.00-13.00)

Section B

Administrative rules index - (B1.00-9.00)

Section C - company rules and regulations

Introduction - (C1.00)
Terms and Conditions of Service - (C1.00-11.00)
Construction Policy - (C11.00-24.00)
Emergency Electrical Procedures - (C25.00-27.00)
Supplemental Residential Standards and Billing Practices - (C27.00-29.00)
Supplemental Billing Practices Non-Residential Customers - (C29.00)
Standard Nominal Service Voltage, Limits and Exceptions - (C29.00-32.00)

Section D - rate schedules

General Terms and Conditions, and Rate Codes - (D1.00-2.00)
Power Supply Cost Recovery - (D3.00-4.00)
Energy Optimization and Renewable Energy Surcharges - (D5.01-5.03)


General secondary

General primary


Customer generating systems



Section E - retail open access service

Section F