Below is a list of Wisconsin Electric's electric tariff documents for its Michigan customers. To access the electric tariff files, select one of the downloadable documents. These are Adobe Acrobat downloadable documents. Open using Acrobat software. If you do not have Acrobat, you can obtain a free copy form Adobe.

Download entire Rate Book - Michigan document (PDF)

Section A

Title Page (PDF) - (A1.00)
Index (PDF) - (A2.00-6.00)
Table of Contents (PDF) - Checklist - (A7.00-9.01)
Territory Served (PDF) - (A10.00-11.00)
Technical Terms and Abbreviations (PDF) - (A12.00-13.00)

Section B - Administrative Rules Index (PDF) - (B1.00-9.00)

Section C - Company Rules and Regulations

Introduction (PDF) - (C1.00)
Terms and Conditions of Service (PDF) - (C1.00-11.00)
Construction Policy (PDF) - (C11.00-24.00)
Emergency Electrical Procedures (PDF) - (C25.00-27.00)
Supplemental Residential Standards and Billing Practices (PDF) - (C27.00-29.00)
Supplemental Billing Practices Non-Residential Customers (PDF) - (C29.00)
Standard Nominal Service Voltage, Limits and Exceptions (PDF) - (C29.00-32.00)

Section D - Rate Schedules

General Terms and Conditions, and Rate Codes (PDF) - (D1.00-2.00)
Power Supply Cost Recovery (PDF) - (D3.00-4.00)
Energy Optimization and Renewable Energy Surcharges (PDF) - (D5.01-5.03)


General Secondary

General Primary


Customer Generating Systems



Section E - Retail Open Access Service

Retail Access Service RAS-1 (PDF) - (E1.00-11.00)

Section F - Standard Customer Forms Index (PDF) - (F1.00)

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