Maintain wiring and equipment

  • Use only fixtures and materials approved for agricultural use.
  • Keep fixtures and equipment clean and dry to avoid corrosion.
  • Consider installing a lightning protection system.
  • Have a qualified electrician make sure that the service entrance panel to each building is properly grounded.
  • Maintain a rodent control program to keep rodents from damaging wiring.

Keep power lines in mind while working

  • Lower equipment before crossing under power lines.
  • Have another person help you move equipment under power lines.
  • Show workers and family members where any potential electric hazards are.

Know what to do in an emergency

  • Call 911 immediately. Don’t hang up until the operator has all the information necessary to help you.
  • Always assume a downed power line is live, and therefore dangerous. Call the We Energies electric power outage hotline at 800-662-4PWR (4797) anytime you see a downed power line or wire.

Call before you dig